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Here are a few of the comments that I have received thus far about Statman. I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Email me to add yours.

As you know, I have been using Statman for the previous five seasons as a statistician for our high school team. As I prepare for my sixth season with the software I am very pleased with the new additions, specifically the unusual use case content. I think that staying with Statman now for six seasons should be testimony enough for anyone investigating using the software.

For any of you who is interested in seeing the MaxPreps integration check out Lehi High School from Lehi Utah on MaxPreps. Ever since the MaxPreps integration Lehi's stats have been easily the most comprehensive of all of the opponents we have faced. With Statman it is super easy to get data quickly to your local media outlets, Maxpreps and most importantly to the coaching staff not only after but during the game. I can't say enough good things about Statman, I will always use Statman as long as I do stats.

Now, all that being said, there is a bit of a learning curve with the application. I strongly encourage you to take Andrew's advice and become familiar with how the play entry works prior to your first game. I didn't do this and I paid the price that night. If you have access to Hudl, pull up a game from a previous season and use the single game file a few different times until you are comfortable. Next, I suggest that you have at least one person as a spotter in the booth with you during the game. It can be rather difficult to do everything and still be able to enjoy watching the game. I have had one defensive spotter and one offensive spotter and it has worked out really well for us.

Best of luck and maybe I will see you on the Statman Facebook Group in the future...


Jon F.
Director of Football Operations
Skyridge High School Falcons
Lehi Utah

The radio crew I work with just brags about the stats all the time. I are constantly telling people on the air how they have the stats in front of them all the time to rival anything else they have seen. We have been to the state championship four of the last five years. There, they provide a stat sheet at the end of each quarter to the media. They donít use that, they use what I have for them. They would not know what to do if they didnít have the second monitor sitting between them showing the up to date stats. Thanks for a great product.

My name is Brooks X, the statistician for X High School in X, Georgia. I've been using Statman for a few years now and wouldn't trade it for anything. It doesn't get any easier than your program for doing stats, especially live. I can't wait to dig into Statman 2013 with our first game being next weekend. With that in mind how do I get the returning customer discount that you mentioned on the Facebook group? Thanks for your help and thanks for a great program.


Statman note: I sent Brooks (and all returning customers) information on using a returning customer promotional code to get the discount.
I have been a customer of statman for six years now and your program has been extremly benifical to our football program. We constantly get many compliments on how accurate our stats are and the quality of the spread sheets that we are able to provide media and fans alike.

I am in the process of getting ready to download your program again for the upcoming season and had a question. I was wondering if I downloaded your program to a flash drive or external hard drive if I could then take that flash drive/external hardrive, plug it into any laptop/desktop and do stats from that machine? Or do I have to download it to one machine and use that one machine for every game?


Statman note: Yes, you can transfer the files from computer to computer using a flash drive or external hard drive. It is best if you copy the entire folder (that contains all games, season stats, etc.). Or, if it works fast enough, you can just keep them on the flash drive and not copy them onto the computer hard drive at all.
Every year I wonder what you can add, and this year sounds good. Last couple of years I have been broadcasting as a color analyst on some high school games and using your program makes me sound like a pro with all the stats I can spit out on the fly.


My son Ryan is a freshman at a Kansas City area high school. He loves all sports and has been that way since the day he started talking. Itís highly likely he would have made a very dedicated and passionate athlete if he had not been born with cerebral palsy. Ryanís disability has never kept him from being a teamís best fan. He thinks itís his job to rally the crowd and he easily makes buddies of everyone around him. One of our high school football coaches heard about Ryanís enthusiasm and at the beginning of the school year asked him if he would like to join the team and keep stats. Ryan jumped at the opportunity and the job has proven to be a perfect fit.

We researched available software and found Statman. The price was very reasonable, data entry seemed easy, and the reports had the potential to provide much more information than the team ever had in the past. Our coach purchased Statman and I believe talked to you in the process.

Ryan has used Statman for half of the season and has provided reports to the coaches at the end of each game. All feedback has been positive. Iíve been in the press box with Ryan during the games and I try to help when he gets in trouble. For the most part he does better than I could but occasionally he loses track of which row to enter data on, especially when he has to scroll to the right side of the spreadsheet. I made a couple of changes to alternate the row background pattern and to draw red lines around the current entry row. This has made a tremendous difference and he no longer seem to be getting lost. It seems likely to me that others could benefit from these changes so I wanted to share them with you. See the attached pdf for an example and a detailed description.

Thanks for creating Statman. Itís a fantastic tool and has helped to make Ryan an invaluable asset to his team!


Statman note: Great story Steve. Thank you for sharing, and also thanks for the suggestions.
Thank you very much for the (returning customer) discount. Your program enhances our broadcast more than you will ever know. The new chalkboard feature will be perfect for us as we have been compromising in the past on what information to put on our second monitor. Again, thank you very much for what you do.


I have used this through a 10 game season and now about to go through to the playoffs. I can't believe how easy it is. I do radio play by play and keep the offensive stats only, and I don't cover the "yards after contact" or "after catch." I don't need it. There is plenty of stats for me just with the basic offense. It does not bog me down at all. Pretty much 3 punches of a button as my color man is talking and I am ready for the next play.

I have done everything in the past by hand. This is obviously easier on calculating season stats, but the stats that are included are amazing. Red zone percentage? I never thought about keeping that! And in the middle of a game being able to quickly give the third down conversion percentage....or the average drive start.....or the average yardage on first downs.

Even after the game, it helps in my preparation for the next game. Basic yards per game rushing and passing, but also quarterback rating, keeping track on the longest run from scrimmage, longest pass play.....awesome. By the 4th game of the year, the coaches were checking their stats with mine to correct theirs. This is so easy to use. If I can do it while talking on the air, it is easy for anyone. It is truly amazing and worth more than what is being charged. I am so glad I found this. Thank you so much.

play by play
Russellville High School

I am a full fledged 'obsessed' Statman customer nowÖ. I am in China on a trip and brought a our first three games of the season with me and have entered them into the program, not the same as doing live as you know because there is some information that doesn't get caught on film or you can't determine. Even with those limitations, the 'anal retentive, type A' personality that I have, LOVES your work.

I am going to try to talk the Varsity program and any other coaches I know to give your program a try.


After using this Statman for 3 games, I have to tell you that is program is THE BOMB! A full sheet of stats at 0 remaining in the 4th Quarter, on the road!

And how the heck did you keep sane while coding this? There is an AMAZING amount of macro going on in there!


This will be the 5th year of using Statman at (our) High School. It is wonderful. We used to have to do individual stats for the paper before we left the field house after a game. It used to take us until midnight going over film to verify what we had written down in a hurry. Not anymore. Once the game finished, we quickly printed all of the data and faxed it to the newspaper within minutes after the final whistle. Since I customized the initial version, to a great extent, for district statisticians, announcers and the staff, we couldnít upgrade beyond that version or I would lose my adaptations. Even though, Statman is a life saver.


The day I found your website was a good day. My three man crew has been doing our local high school football broadcasts with statman now since 2007. I cannot imagine doing it without the program. Our coaches, film crew, and radio listeners have always commented about all the information and stats that we are able to provide. SHHHHHHH!!! Please donít tell Ďem it is your program that does all the work.


*--- regarding the new offensive line grading system that was suggested by John following the 2008 season . . .

. . . The spread sheet is exactly what i was looking for. You know how many college and high school lineman coaches would die for this? I think you've struck gold.


I just ordered Statman Football. This season will be third using Statman to keep stats on the fly during our radio broadcasts. I looked at a lot of different football stat packages, some costing $100-$300, but none of them were as quick & efficient as Statman. I can call the play by play action then update the stats with just a couple of keystrokes while my color analyst is talking. Being able to give up to the second team & individual stats has really enhanced our broadcasts. I give copies of the final stats reports to the team coaches & they love them.

In my ďrealĒ job, I work with a lot of different computer & software companies. I have never found anyone else as quick to respond to questions or problems as Andrew. It has been a pleasure using Statman Football & working with Andrew & I look forward to many more years. Keep up the good work.

Play by Play Announcer
Jeff Davis High School Yellow Jackets
Hazlehurst, GA

Andrew, I used the program in 2007 for the local high school football team (Wilson Central, Tennessee) and the coaches were very impressed and happy with the results. In the past, they had someone from the coaching staff review game tape over the following week to develop minimal statisics. I was able to input everything on Friday night after the game and e-mail the stats out early Saturday morning. The local papers (small town 2-3 times per week) got a copy of the stats after the 3-4 game and used them the rest of the season. We also used this information to submit to the main paper in Nashville, Tennesse that tracks statistics for all of the local schools in the area. Anyway, it worked great. The coaches loved it, the media loved it and most importantly the kids on the team loved it.


Hi Andrew,

Have to tell you that since using your program, its amazing how many people are dependent and count on the info that it produces every week. Media, coaches, parents, webcasters, players, PA announcer for half time stats, visiting teams, etc... Previously, we kept stats manually (and still do this as a back up each week). But without a doubt, your stat program has become a key element within our program. Our coaches have become accustomed to receiving a complete stat package within 20 minutes from the end of the game. I have spoiled them! This wouldn't be possible without "Statman". Just a little feedback and a word of encouragment to keep up a great job.

Good luck to FSU in the balance of their season!


. . . . also I have been a repeat customer enough to say you cant beat the value.

The high school team I keep stats for love it and say that it is providing them with crucial info that has taken us to state playoffs year after year.  They are extremely excited over the coach stats, so any tricks or info would be great.

thanks again


. . . . I also wanted to say that your program is one of the best values for stat keeping programs as I seen via the web that cost 10 times as much as your does and most don't work as well as yours as I used it last year (2006). I would like to thank you for develop a program that high school programs with a tight budget can purchase (Coaches Paying for it).


Appreciate the quick response.

BTW: Love the product. Iím doing my part to help your word-of-mouth advertising campaign. Weíre a 3A high school program in NE Texas. We won state in í04, and are usually deep in the playoffs each year. I get a lot of questions from other scouts, media, and the opposing teams. Appreciate the affordable price tag and the great product.

Have a good year.


Thank you for your email.  Due to the product you offer and the Customer service and support you have provided over the past few years, I will certainly purchase your Statman 2007 package.  In addition, I appreciate the regard you hold for your previous clients and the opportunity to purchase your product at 1/2 price. I am currently in Mexico on business and will make the purchase upon my return. Lastly, the addition of your CoachStats is great timing.  The Head Coach of our High School Team told me that he really needs to track the tendencies.  He has been doing so manually and it takes a lot of time. I will be quite interested in reviewing your content.

Once again, thanks alot and good luck to you.


Thanks for the info on the 2007 release. I've been checking your site frequently the past month for the release date.

2006 was awesome, I and the rest of the coaches have nothing but good things to say about your great product, and recommend it whenever asked.

I will be purchasing "2007" when my paypal deposit is processed.

Thank you for the discount and can't wait for another successful season using Statman.


We had a very successful season, 11-0 and state champs. My son graduated so I will not be doing stats, but I will be helping my successor set up for this year and we will definitely use your system.

Thanks so much...it looks great!!!! I can't wait for football season....I know that I'll have most comprehensive stats in our league thanks to your creation. Thanks again!!


First of all, your program is great. I've been keeping stats for my son's high school for the last four years (he's now a sophomore in college) and have been using Excel to record the results in a similar fashion. It was simple to start using Statman to enter everything as now I'm not entering down, distance, etc.. I save so much time not compiling the overall stats. The coaches are loving it as I go down to the locker at halftime and show them where all of the plays are going through the playsheet worksheets.

Thanks again,